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The remarkable technological advances of the last decade have changed profoundly almost every aspect of our lives – from the way we learn and work to the way we date or party. Shopping is no exception. Gone are the days when shopping experience involved setting aside a particular day for endless cruising of outlets. Finding the right clothes and accessories in those days was challenging and invariably involved a good rummage of the garment racks in the department stores and quite a bit of queuing – first for fitting rooms, then for the tills. It is not a surprise therefore that the boom of the online fashion stores has been hailed by all people short of time and big on fashion – for the convenience and benefits it has offered to the online buyers’ community.

Chief amongst those benefits is the infinity of stock. While the physical establishments are limited in space, and thus – in variety and availability of goods, the online retailers are able to showcase and source a wide assortment of apparel and accessories and make them accessible to the customers at any given time. On their part, the clients are not limited geographically to the shops in their area or city – few clicks afford them immediate entrance to thousands of stores operating internationally – across borders, continents and time zones. What’s more, customers can now search for specific item, for instance a precise type of prom dress or a select pair of formal shoes, in multiple stores with minimum of effort. In fact, some websites are specifically dedicated to checking availability and directing shoppers towards the online stores where the item is being sold at the time of the request.

The online sales are another perk of web shopping. Previously clients just chanced upon a sale without predictability or planning. Now loyal customers often receive notifications for forthcoming sales from their favourite sites and are able to secure deals on otherwise unaffordable goods.

Besides, the consumers can easily compare prices in various stores. A quick look on the website also would reveal best discounts plus feedback from other clients. This minimises the risk of purchasing low-quality products at exorbitant prices. Buyers become better informed of the complexities of production and usage, and consequently are able to make more educated shopping choices.

And of course, there is the matter of settings and privacy. Some customers may not wish to be seen entering certain stores, or can simply be averse to noisy or overcrowded environments. Others may feel vulnerable and may find encounters with shopping assistants awkward. The online service addresses these anxieties comprehensively. And no one, of course, has to carry any bags back home, as the online shopping experience is complemented by a home delivery. And, should you end up with the wrong size of shoes, or with a garment in the wrong colour, or simply change your mind, the risks are usually minimal – most of the stores offer free return and no quibble refund